Jennifer Wargo, MD, MMSc
Clinical + Scientific Advisor
Dr. Wargo is co-founder of MicrobiomeDX team and is a recognized pioneer in the field. After completing her medical degree, she entered surgical residency training at the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School where she became interested in the biology and treatment of cancer. During her training, she completed two fellowships in surgical oncology with a focus on immunotherapy for cancer, training with Dr. Antoni Ribas and Dr. Steve Rosenberg. Dr. Wargo was recruited to the Division of Surgical Oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital in 2008 and had an active research laboratory focusing on the interface between oncogenic mutations and anti-tumor immunity. At Harvard/MGH, Dr. Wargo led clinical trials in targeted therapy and immuno-oncology and also established herself as leader in translational research and biomarker development. Dr. Wargo also made groundbreaking discoveries leading to therapeutic strategies to enhance responses to therapy. She began microbiome-related research in 2010 in collaboration with investigators from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Broad Institute. Dr. Wargo was recruited to UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in 2013 where she holds a title as Associate Professor of Surgery and Genomic Medicine and helps lead the Moon Shot Program for patients with cancer. Dr. Wargo has an active research laboratory and began a major effort to characterize the oral, tumor, and gut microbiome in patients with cancer in 2013. Through these studies, she and her team made novel observations regarding the potential role of the gut microbiome in modulating immune responses and treatment response in patients with cancer being treated with immunotherapy. Dr. Wargo brings clinical expertise as well, and runs several immunotherapy-related clinical trials.